Taco Bell Announces The Return of The Mexican Pizza

Last night at Coachella, Taco Bell employed a popular artist to deliver the news that the MEXICAN PIZZA IS COMING BACK!

Looks like all the polls and petitions worked, because you can expect to see the Mexican Pizza back on the menu at Taco Bell beginning May 19th

Unpopular opinion: I've never been a big fan of the Mexican Pizza, but you know Taco Bell is my love language, so I'm really happy for you if this is a moment! I'd be stoked if they brought back the double decker taco.

Double Decker Taco Hack: if you're like me and miss this menu item dearly, you can still make it (it's not exactly the same). What you need to order: 1 crunchy beef taco. 1 soft taco no lettuce, sub meat for refried beans. VOILA! Put a violent amount of your favorite Taco Bell hot sauce (Fire is the only right answer), and enjoy!

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