Elliot In The Morning

Elliot In The Morning

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EITM: OCMD 5/28/24

EITM: Amy Dozier 5/28/24

One of many Gold Star family members in D.C. over the weekend on Arlington National Cemetery.

EITM: Dash Rippington 5/24/24

The 'Purveyor of the Dangerously Stupid' brings his show case to perform live in the studio alongside fiancée Dot.

EITM: Gelati Celesti 5/23/24

Heavenly hand...delivered ice cream?

EITM: Sliding Into DSMs 5/23/24

Therapy, friendship, and more?

EITM: The Secret Sauce? 5/22/24

No secret sauce. (And cycling.)

EITM: The Newly Mad Game 5/22/24

How well do you know your co-worker?

EITM: Drew Wilder On Ashley Madison 5/21/24

The NBC4 reporter checks in to talk about the new Netflix series, "Sex, Lies & Scandal."

EITM: Shopping For Secrets 5/21/24

Grab bag or crap bag?

EITM: Alternative Bachelor Nation 5/21/24

Put on your thinking caps then your party hats!