Elliot In The Morning

Elliot In The Morning

Wake up with Elliot in the Morning (866-2-ELLIOT | 866-235-5468) on DC101 weekday mornings from 5:48 to 10-something. With Elliot, Diane, Tyler and Krysten.

EITM: MCAS 2/22/24

EITM: Working On My Presidential Fitness 2/22/24

With a "Chocolate" Chip treat!

EITM: The Stupidest Way I Wrenched My Back Was 2/21/24

Fill in the blank.

EITM: No Wedding Soup For You 2/21/24

Please don't indicate your preferred meal option.

EITM interviews Amy Yasbeck

EITM interviews Amy Yasbeck

EITM: Airspeed Dating 2/20/24

On the plane, I just can't wait?

EITM: Bogowhá 2/16/24

With who?

EITM: Happy Birthday Weekend 2/16/24

Happy Birthday weekend to you, too!

EITM: Elliot Is Back At The Dermatologist 2/15/24

But may never show his face there again!

EITM: Unwritten Rules Of Hockey 2/15/24

The RidicuList.