How iHeart’s Pet Radio Will Keep Your Pet Company While You’re Not Home

Dog sitting and using computer on sofa at living room

Photo: Oscar Wong / Moment / Getty Images

Worried about your pets feeling uneasy while you're at work, school, or running errands? iHeartRadio now has a station dedicated to keeping your four-legged friend calm and relaxed until you get home.

Introducing Pet Radio, a station of soothing songs, gentle tracks, and instrumental music that will keep your pet company for roughly nine hours. Why these specific songs? Several studies found simple, serene sounds can help your pet chill out or experience less stress.

Animal behaviorist Dr. Deborah Wells published a study showing the relaxing effects of classical music on dogs. The research found that dogs spent more time resting and being quiet, and less time standing when exposed to classical music compared to heavy metal music, pop music, or conversation. 

Later research found that other types of music were just as effective at reducing stress in pets. A study by Dr. Susan Wagner, a board-certified veterinary neurologist, concluded solo piano music calms down dogs more than classical music. Another study found that playing soft rock and reggae for kennelled dogs led to more relaxed behaviors and increased heart rate variability, which indicates less stress.

Ready to turn on some comforting tunes for your pet? To access Pet Radio, you can visit the free iHeartRadio app or ask Alexa to "Play Pet Radio on iHeartRadio." The iHeartRadio app is also available on your smart TV.

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