Chris Martin Makes Rare Comment About Girlfriend Dakota Johnson

Photo: Getty Images

Chris Martin recently opened up about his relationship with actress Dakota Johnson. In a recent appearance on the Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend podcast, the Coldplay frontman revealed the heartwarming way Johnson helped the band make their shows more accessible.

"They are called SubPacs," Martin said of the wearable piece of tech used to enhance the hearing-impaired community's experience at shows. "Dakota, my partner, gave me one as a gift because she saw someone online experiencing whatever they are experiencing with this—it's kind of like body armor —you put it on and plug it in and it connects to the base," he said in the rare comment.

Martin went on to explain how the Fifty Shades of Grey star suggested he "use this somehow" in his shows. "So, we started using it and it's been so amazing and it should get better and better," he continued. "We have ten or twenty now—every night—of those packs and so if you're hearing impaired we have an area where you sign up and you put on the pack and you can feel the show."

While Martin and Dakota aren't making headlines very often, they aren't completely quiet about their 5-year relationship. Just last summer, the actress revealed that she tours with Martin when she's not working. She also gave some subtle insight into their relationship in the Vanity Fair interview.

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