Sharon Van Etten Is Finally Ready To Release 11-Year-Old Music Video

Photo: Getty Images

Sharon Van Etten has announced an anniversary edition of her 2012 album Tramp —and with it, a never-before-seen music video from the vault.

The Indie Folk musician shared the previously unreleased video for "Serpents" directed by Naomi Yang of Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi. Yang originally made the video in 2012, but Van Etten decided not to release it at the time due to insecurities about her appearance. Check it out below.

“At the time, I didn’t have much experience with music videos,” Van Etten said in a statement. “I was very insecure about being the focus of a video. Maybe I wasn’t ready to face my demons. I know it sounds funny. I could write and perform them, but facing them and baring my soul on camera felt like an entirely different thing, and when I looked at myself, I felt uncomfortable. I chose not to release the video.”

Yang also spoke about her creative process with the video. “Upon hearing ‘Serpents,’ I was struck by the emotion in the song, the raw anger,” she said. “We made the video on a cold January day in 2012, in an East Village walk-up loft borrowed from friends. It was me, on camera, with Susanne Sasic running the projections she had designed, and Sharon performing. I am delighted to know that now, on the 11th anniversary of Tramp, the ‘Serpents’ video will be seen at last.”

The updated version of Tramp is due out March 24 via Jagjaguwar. It's set to include a previously unreleased song "This Is Too Right" and will be available on crimson vinyl.

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