WILLOW Wants Women And Girls Of Color To Know 'Rock Is For Them'

The Drop: WILLOW

Photo: Getty Images

WILLOW recently shared in an interview that she hopes her music can create more inclusivity and positivity in the rock and metal scene.

While speaking about inspiring the next generation of musicians, WILLOW told Guitar World that she wants her music to help woman and girls of color to feel accepted in the rock community.

"That’s one of my missions," WILLOW explained. "I want women and girls of color to feel accepted and know that rock is for them. They can pick up the guitar, bass, drum sticks or microphone. I want to hear them scream and sing, putting all of their energy into this beautiful genre and change the world. And yeah, I agree, I feel like it’s changing!"

Elsewhere in the interview, WILLOW also spoke about creating more space in the scene for the vast subgenres of alternative music.

"I feel that rock is such an expansive genre," WILLOW said. "People focus on pop-punk a lot. We all love pop-punk, it’s beautiful and amazing. But let’s not forget the metal, thrash and classic rock. There are all these different forms that rock takes and all these different feelings it can express. This album is a love letter to all the flavors rock can have, from Smashing Pumpkins to Lamb of God."

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