Joy-Anna Duggar Accused Of 'Endangering' Children After Latest Video

Photo: Getty Images

Plenty of famous parents share photos of their children, but few get as much backlash when they do as Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth. The 25-year-old star of 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On is mom to four-year-old Gideon and two-year-old Evelyn, and is pregnant with a third child, so the constant shaming doesn't seem to be getting to her too much, but that might change after her latest post.

Joy-Anna shared a ten minute video on YouTube titled "First Snow Of The Year," and what it shows has viewers accusing her of endangering her daughter. In the clip, Joy-Anna rides on an ATV, the problem is she is doing it with her toddler sitting in front of her. While little Evelyn wears a puffy pink coat and cute hat, she is not wearing a helmet. Meanwhile, Joy-Anna drives with one hand while the other holds a phone to film her husband, Austin.

In a post on Reddit, fans expressed their concern. One wrote, "Pregnant Joy Forsyth makes more unsafe choices. This time she’s 4-wheeling with Evelyn… no helmets on either of them," while another added, "And her phone in her hand to boot! Even if you do this kind of shady s**t, don’t post it on your public Instagram." Someone else stated, "Yeah I’m always shocked to see how open they are about endangering themselves/their kids. You’d think they’d know better than to post it everywhere especially after receiving backlash every time," and another shared, "There are always stories every year of people dying from 4 wheeler accidents. Not wearing a helmet sickens me."

One concerned person said, "They're just a tragic accident waiting to happen. So careless. It's one thing if Joy as an adult chose not to take safety precautions take that risk. But when you involve children that's where it crosses the line for me."

You can see more videos from Joy-Anna by subscribing to her YouTube page.

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