12 Things You Might Not Know About Def Leppard's Adrenalize

On March 31st, 1992, Def Leppard released their fifth studio album, Adrenalize. Here are 12 things you might not know about the classic record:

1.Adrenalize was the band’s first album following the death of 1991 guitarist Steve Clark.

2. Vivian Campbell of Whitesnake and Dio was brought in to replace Steve. Even though he doesn’t play at all on the album, Viv appeared in all but one of the videos for the album’s singles.

3. The album was recorded in Dublin and Amsterdam.

4. Singer Joe Elliott once said that the song “Let’s Get Rocked” is about Bart Simpson disobeying his parents, something Joe related to doing when he was growing up.

5. The video for “Let’s Get Rocked” is the band’s first without Steve Clark and their only one as a four-piece since Viv had not yet been hired.

6. “Let’s Get Rocked” went on to be used or referenced in the media. It was in the 1992 movie Encino Man and the 2005 flick Rock Star, it promoted 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live and in an episode of Family Guy, Stewie Griffin quotes the song.

7. Joe Elliott once referred to their song “Heaven Is” as “more Queen than Queen.”

8. Joe once said that he would rather not perform “Make Love Like a Man” live any more because he thinks the lyrics are “a nod too stupid.”

9. The song “Tonight” was actually recorded during a break from the band’s Hysteria World Tour and was considered as a B-side to a single from their fourth album Hysteria, but instead they re-recorded it for Adrenalize.

10. “Stand Up (Kick Love into Motion)” was also recorded for Hysteria but the band thought it sounded too much like the song “Hysteria” so they kept it for Adrenalize.

11.Adrenalize debuted at number one on the album charts and has since been certified three-times Platinum for sales over three-million copies.

12.Adrenalize is essential the last hugely successful album of the glam-metal era. It came out during the rise of grunge music in the early ‘90s and was actually knocked off the top of the charts by Nirvana’s Nevermind.

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