Beck Drops Moody New Single 'Dark Places': Listen

As the release date for Beck's 14th album Hyperspace looms closer, the singer-songwriter is giving us another preview of what to expect with a moody new single called "Dark Places." The corresponding lyric video gives off serious Drive vibes, if Ryan Gosling's character was played by a woman, as the Los Angeles skyline twinkles in the background.

"Some days/ I go/ Dark places/ On my own/ Some days/ I go/ Dark places/ In my soul" Beck confesses in the song, which is void of the standard verse, chorus, verse structure.

Like the other songs shared from the album, "Dark Days" is heavy on electronic elements and creates its own breathtaking sonic atmosphere. Watch its lyric video below.

"Dark Places" follows the album's lead single "Saw Lightning" and two other offerings, "Uneventful Days" and "Hyperspace." Pharrell Williams worked on seven of the record's 11 tracks. The project also features Coldplay’s Chris Martin (background vocals on “Stratosphere”) and Sky Ferreira (“Die Waiting”).

“I was not expecting the songs to come out how they did. I was going in thinking of songs like ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’, y’know?” Beck recently told NME about working with Pharrell. “He felt very strongly that spending a little time with me, that ‘You need to be doing singer-songwriter type of songs’. So that was more of the direction we went in. I really tried to be less ambitious on the production on these songs, like to let them be simple and let them breathe. Pharrell is a master minimalist.”

Hyperspace is slated to come out on November 22 and can be pre-ordered on Beck's official website.

Photo: Getty Images

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