Nostril Hair Extensions Are the Latest Fashion Trend and I Just Sneezed

It's 2019. Where the entire world seems like a popularity contest thanks to social media. We've seen some pretty stupid "fashion trends" this year: getting your dog's balls glittered, fake camel-toe underwear, and assless denim shorts.

Well, we've reached a new level of dumb: nostril hair extensions.

We're pretty sure the only person to rock nose hair and look semi-decent is the Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Now there's a hashtag #nostrilhairextensions on Instagram that is chock full of women and men doing this. From what we can tell, people are using fake lashes and affixing them inside their nostrils and then applying mascara to them.

This is just dumb. We'll go back to looking for Florida Man stories to write about now.

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