Getting Your Dog's Testicles Glittered Is the Hottest New Trend (PICS)


So there's a new dog grooming trend called "Glitterballed" and it's exactly what you'd think the name would lend itself to. Apparently dog owners are putting glitter on their dog's testicles to make them look more appealing than, you know, just a normal set of testicles. Because everyone with too much time on their hands hates looking at a dog's balls, right?

According to one Facebook post , the "enhancement" is being done with "Corn syrup (non GMO) and edible cake glitter" to make it safe. Really glad they pointed out that the corn syrup is non GMO. Because you don't want your dog to get sick from having their balls dipped in syrup and powdered with glitter.

The post also makes it clear that it's "totally fine if the boys fancied a lick, which apparently they had no interest in." Again, good information to know.


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