New TOOL Album Coming Between May and July, Says Maynard James Keenan

A few days after (again) crushing the hopes of Tool fans everywhere by bluntly denying his drummer's timeline for the band's new album, singer Maynard James Keenan has offered some clarity.

Keenan Tweeted Friday morning that his band mates are about halfway through mixing the long-awaited new album.

In typical Keenan fashion, the statement was a mix of total honesty and an avalanche of sarcasm.

"Update- Midway through mixing," he wrote. "Most likely be a few recalls. Then some arguing. Then mastering, artwork, video, special packaging, etc. Best ballpark guess — release date somewhere between mid-May and mid-July. More focused updates to follow as we progress."

The singer tagged Tool's official Twitter account in the statement, as well as #simplemath. He also attached a non sequitur meme — a press photo of Pantera from the '90s with the caption, "If you're a real Megadeth fan, name one other song than 'Enter Sandman.'"

Earlier this week, Keenan was asked "rumors" that new album was coming in mid-April.

"No." was all the singer said in response to a fan, who was referring to a statement by drummer Danny Carey that mid-April was what Tool was aiming for.

Keenan has been intensely protective of Tool's plans and the timeline for the new album over the past two years — presumably because the band has so much creative work still ahead before the album can see the light of day.

He has also done his fair share of trolling hopeful fans, having at one point "announced" that since his band mates took about 11 years to settle on the instrumental compositions, he would take "have of that" amount of time to finish his vocals.

Carey has made multiple predictions about when the album would be finished, only to have his band mate contradict him.

Tool's last album, 10,000 Days, was released in 2006.

Keenan has suggested in the past that part of the reason the forthcoming Tool album has taken so long to produce was a mixture of "pressure" and the fact that Tool has always taken long periods of time to write and record.

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