PODCAST: Should Kids Be Banned From Your Local Craft Brewery?

Head Retention tackles a subject so controversial, we had to do a second episode about it.

Kids in breweries, yay or nay?

On the one hand, the family atmosphere is a hallmark of your local taproom. Families coming to the brewery, the adults enjoying quality beer while the kids play board games (for urban taprooms) or run off some energy (for farm breweries). It's part of the brewery experience, right?

Maybe not. More and more, breweries are limiting the amount of time children are allowed in the taproom or on the property.Cedar Run Brewery's Jean (an owner) and Matt (the head brewer) join Roche and Lashelle to explain why they have rules limiting child access to their farm brewery. They give all too familiar examples of how inattentive parents and unruly kids have ruined the brewery experience for everyone. They also discuss how the craft beer industry got to this point and what the future holds for kids in breweries.

Then, Jean and Matt discuss the expansive grounds of Cedar Run, the history of the brewery, why now is the time to check out Cedar Run (HINT: fall foliage), and some of the current beers on tap. 

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