It's Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Here's How You Can Help My Niece

Last year, I shared my niece's story about her fight against cancer. Naomi is one tough cookie and continues to kick cancer's honeybuns. The wonderful staff Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

have been instrumental in that fight. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and I've seen firsthand what research can achieve. If you have the means, I encourage to click here and donate to Naomi's Ninjas. It really does make a difference.

Click here to donate to Naomi's Ninjas.

Naomi’s Ambassador Story -Naomi enjoys joking around: She meows at one of her favorite CHOP nurses who doesn’t like cats. After Naomi was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, those nurses helped guide her through a 18-month journey so far that included numerous blood transfusions, intravenous and oral chemotherapy, a stay in the pediatric intensive care unit, and a severe intestinal inflammation that has a 50% mortality rate. Although she has understandably developed some pronounced anxiety and an intense dislike of anything attached to her skin, overall this resilient 5-year-old has maintained her friendly personality, sharp sense of humor, love of ballet, and strong bonds with her friends and family.