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Find Out If Dish Network Owes You $1200!!!

You know those annoying phone calls from companies asking you to buy something?

Yeah, they suck.

And, apparently, illegal. 

(Tell that to the hundreds of telemarketers that call me every month)

But, it is. So illegal that DISH Network just had a judgement go against them in a case about unsolicited phone calls (that's vague, but do you really need all the legalese? You do? Oh. Then click here...ya big nerd).

So, did DISH call you back in 2010-2011??

Of course you don't remember. BUT, if you click here, you can find out if they called you. If they did, you could get yourself 1200 bucks...all for sending that shizz straight to voicemail.

Get Paid! Maybe.

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