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Roche's Thoughts On The Death Of MD Resident & Nothingface Frontman Matt Holt

Former Nothingface frontman Matt Holt died today at the age of 39.

Before I had even moved to the area to work at DC101, I knew who Nothingface was. We had played "Bleeder" at my previous radio station and I loved that track but had no idea they were from around here.

When I DID move here, I was excited to find out that the band was Maryland based. As someone new and alone to the area, I was eager to grasp onto anything familiar. Seeing the excitement in people's faces when I mentioned Nothingface was a perfect icebreaker for a guy looking to make new friends. For them, it was probably a kick that the DJ on DC101 knew (and liked) Nothingface. For me, it helped start the now 15 year bond with the people of the DMV.

In short order, I became the host of Local Lix and even though by that point Nothingface was a nationally recognized act, I'd still throw a Nothingface track on the show once in awhile. They were a band to strive for.  A band I could point to when discussing the music business with up and coming bands and say, "Look at Nothingface. They come from the same area as you and they made it. Work hard and you can make it too."

Sadly, there aren't a lot of area bands you can say that about. Nothingface was one though and that was invaluable to the scene.

I haven't thought about the band much in the last few years and it sounds like their breakup was on bad terms. That happens. That's not what today is about...for me at least.

I didn't know Matt Holt personally. I had never met him. But I mourn his loss on a human level and a deeply personal one. His music helped a hesitant jock gain a foothold in a place he would come to hold dear.

Thank you, Matt.

My thoughts are with Matt's family and friends.

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