DC Couple Hikes Through ISIS Territory to Prove "Humans are Kind"

Jay Austen and Lauren Geoghegan quit their jobs last year to travel the world together. The goal of their trip? Prove humans are inherently good. 

Then they traveled to Tajikstan, a place known to be occupied by ISIS.

On July 29th, while riding their bikes, the couple was rammed by a car. Five men got out of the car and stabbed them, along with two others, to death. 

These men were later revealed to be members of ISIS seeking to kill "nonbelievers." 

So, are humans inherently good? I'd argue yes. But there are factors to take into consideration. Upbringing, environment, warfare, politics, religion, economic status, etc. all have an impact on who we, as people, become. 

Rest in peace, Jay and Lauren. I truly hope you are somewhere kinder than this world. 

The full story is here.

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