Applebee's Offering $1 Strawberry Margaritas During August

If you're eating out at Applebee's, you've already given up your standards of having a good night out, so you might as well get trashed on Strawberry Margaritas that cost less than the bottle of water you'll need to chug at 5am

They're calling them "Dollaritas" so it can sound cutesy when you're explaining to your boyfriend the reason you're retching into the toilet. 

Major shout out to the Applebee's servers and bartenders who have to deal with this. You know not one of them is happy about it. They're gonna be dealing with our drunk asses and making like $3 per table. Be strong. 

Here's all the deets if you want 'em, but really they're $1 strawberry margs, what else do you need to know?

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