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New Crocs Come with Attached Socks

God has abandoned us, and the evidence is in these shoes' existence.

Apparently, the socks and sandals combo just wasn't terrible enough. No no, we had to up the ante.  

My eyes are in pain just looking at a picture of them. Honestly, I don't know if I'd survive actually seeing them in real life.

I have so many questions. But only one matters: Why?

Look at how the model is holding that abomination. The last time I held anything like that, was when I was picking up dog poop with a plastic bag. Which is a very similar scenario to the above picture. 

Am I being overdramatic and way too harsh?


But let's look at the pros:

  1. Comfortable, probably
  2. Don't have to purchase socks and crocs separately
  3. Clean, white color
  4. I'm lying
  5. There are no pros
  6. These are terrible
  7. Burn them

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