VA Woman Leaves 3-Star Yelp Review, Manager Shows Up at Her Door

A woman ordered delivery from a restaurant called "La Porchetta" in Sterling, VA. The food left something to be desired, so after being asked to leave a review on Yelp, she gave them 3 stars and some critiques. Nothing major. Not a big deal. 

Well, the manager was having NONE of it. At 10pm that night, an unrecognized number called the woman's phone. When she checked the voicemail, it turned out to be La Porchetta's MANAGER saying he wanted to talk to her about the review and that he was AT HER DOOR.

Yes. Seriously. The dude showed up on her doorstep at 10pm because of a yelp review.

Obviously, the woman didn't answer the door and instead called police.


Get the full story here.

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