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The Definitive List of Maryland Slang

Ok the first couple aren't shocking. But do people really not say "geeking"? Also, I'm pretty sure EVERYONE uses "bet" now. I guess we're trend setters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1) DMV- DC, Maryland, and Virginia

2) Jimmy- Male blue crab

3) Sally- Female blue crab

4) Hon- no explanation required

5) Hoco/Moco etc. -Howard County, Montgomery County, wHaTeVeR County

6) Geeking- hysterically laughing

7) Bet- they say it's like saying yes, but it's so much more

8) Terps- you already know

9) O's- Oriole's, (also the most important part of the National Anthem)

10) Ard- alright (ok, Maryland born and bred, but I don't think I've heard this...)

11) Siced- excited, stoked, pumped etc.

12) Bop- too far to be worth the effort. a "bop" away

13) Snoball- syrupy sugar ice in a cup. It's magical. 

14) The move- the plan

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