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The Struts Announce Their New Album 'Pretty Vicious'

The Struts are ready to get loud and give us a whole bunch of new music with the announcement of their next album!

Pretty Vicious is coming out on November 3rd with 11 songs including their latest single "Too Good At Raising Hell". Frontman Luke Spiller said, "It’s some of my favourite music, hands down, we’ve ever conjured up. It’s the record everyone’s been waiting for!"

Here's the new video for "Too Good At Raising Hell" and I can't wait to hear the rest of the songs. Come on, November, hurry up and get here!

Here's the Pretty Vicious tracklist:

1. Too Good At Raising Hell

2. Pretty Vicious

3. I Won’t Run

4. Hands On Me

5. Do What You Want

6. Rockstar

7. Remember The Name

8. Bad Decisions

9. Better Love

10. Gimme Some Blood

11. Somebody Someday

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