Dave Grohl and Mike Jones Discuss 'The Storyteller', Foo Fighters and More!

He's lived quite a life with music at the center of it all, and Dave Grohl shared so much with us in his new book The Storyteller: Tales Of Life and Music.

It was great talking about the book with him, how he approached writing like making an album, music helping him to remember so many details of events, opening up about Kurt Cobain in a way that he never has, having so much more to write about, connecting the book to Sonic Highways and his other projects, plus the Foo Fighters induction into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame!

Enjoy my interview with Dave, and if you haven't yet, get The Storyteller: Tales Of Life and Music. It's a great read, or listen if you do the audiobook version!

Thank you, Dave. Can't wait to rock out at a show again soon!!!

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