Mike Jones Gets Ready For WrestleMania With WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss

WrestleMania is almost here and there is plenty going on, not just for the two nights this weekend but all around with WWE!

I talked with Alexa Bliss and we had plenty to chat about: how The Fiend vs. Randy Orton could steal the show this weekend, her very creepy eyes, Bad Bunny's debut match, the evolution of Alexa Bliss and how she goes all in for her character, the comfort zone that the ring provides her and all of the WWE Superstars, if she likes one night or two for WrestleMania and if Panic! At The Disco could do an Alexa Bliss song like Bowling For Soup did!

Here's my interview with Alexa Bliss, a preview of what's to come this weekend for WrestleMania and beyond. And, if you've never seen it, Bowling For Soup's "Alexa Bliss" anthem too. What's up Larry Steve!!!

(photo: WWE)

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