$70 For Discontinued Taco Bell Potato Soft Tacos?!

$70 for a frozen taco?!

Bryant Hoban from O'Fallon, Missouri, just sold 2 of the 3 Potato Soft Tacos that he had in his freezer. They have been there since Taco Bell discontinued them and a ton of other menu items in July. Bryant sold them on Facebook Marketplace for $70 each. You can click here and see the listing.

Bryant told Riverfront Times he did it as an experiment for "investment sandwiches", where he's going to buy a bunch of limited-run items from restaurants and sell them down the road. "You know, like the McRib — McDonald's only offers it once a year, but the demand doesn't go away. So then when I heard Taco Bell was discontinuing the Potato Soft, I decided it'd be a good opportunity to test this idea out before McRib season."

On one hand, it's completely ridiculous. On the other, if suckers people are willing to pay $70 for one Potato Soft Taco, why not sell other limited edition foods for profit.

You can read more about Bryant's idea for "investment sandwiches" from Riverfront Times by clicking here.

(photo: Facebook Marketplace via Bryant Hoban)