Watch A Classic Black Keys Concert Film This Weekend Only!

Unfortunately, The Black Keys have had to cancel their summer tour. But, to still make sure we're all getting the proper amount of quality live music in our lives, they're going to share a classic concert film with us this weekend!

Friday, Saturday or Sunday, make sure you watch The Black Keys - Live At The Crystal Ballroom, their Portland, Oregon show from April of 2008. You only have 72 hours and then it will vanish into the internet's black hole. Or something like that...

And the setlist for the show:

  1. Same Old Thing
  2. Girl Is On My Mind
  3. Set You Free
  4. Thickfreakness
  5. Stack Shot Billy
  6. Busted
  7. You're the One
  8. Remember When (Side B)
  9. Your Touch
  10. Oceans and Streams
  11. Strange Times
  12. Psychotic Girl
  13. 10 A.M. Automatic
  14. No Trust
  15. I Got Mine
  16. All You Ever Wanted
  17. 'Till I Get My Way