PODCAST - "Whatcha Playing: Castlevania with Dorothy's Eliot Lorango"

Castlevania is a legendary series in the history of video games and that's what we talked about on the new "Whatcha Playing" podcast! My man Eliot Lorango, bass player extraordinaire for Dorothy, joined me for a conversation where we reminisced about playing the games originally on the NES, the further development of the series, our favorite bosses from over the years, 2D vs. 3D gameplay, how Konami hid the names of the development team on the original game and the new collection that's coming out on May 16th.

We also chatted about his band Dorothy, how they're going on the road this summer with Breaking Benjamin / Chevelle / Three Days Grace, the plan for new music and how times have changed in rock n' roll. You can click here to get tickets for the summer tour!

Here's our chat about Castlevania and make sure you subscribe to It's Mike Jones wherever you get podcasts for all of the interviews and gaming talk on "Whatcha Playing"!

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