PODCAST - "Whatcha Playing: Sierra Point and Click Adventures"

This is one of my favorite gaming topics: old school Sierra point and click adventures! Erik Kristopher Myers (@ekmyers) joined me on the new "Whatcha Playing" podcast to talk about classics from the wayback like King's Quest, Space Quest, Quest For Glory, Police Quest and, the holy grail that is Leisure Suit Larry. These games meant so much to those of us that had computers before they were in every home on the planet.

Erik and I talked about the stories in these games, how tough they actually were, the hidden jokes and subtle references, the copy protection booklets to prevent piracy, graphics advancements over the years and how everyone knew someone's dad that had a copy of Leisure Suit Larry.

It was such a great walk down memory lane. Here's our chat and make sure you click here to subscribe to It's Mike Jones for all of the podcast episodes of "Whatcha Playing" and everything else that's going on.


I wanted to post a few videos from the Sierra classics to show how these games evolved over time, from very simplistic graphics and music to games that looked way ahead of their time. Also, if you want to play these games now, you can buy them for only a few bucks each through Gog.com. I'm definitely going back to play Quest For Glory again soon.


Thanks for taking the time to check out the new "Whatcha Playing" podcast today. And to my man Erik Kristopher Myers, really appreciate you joining me for the Sierra games chat. Erik has a fantastic movie called Butterfly Kisses that you should watch aaaaaannnnddd look out for a Mike Jones cameo in it! Here's the trailer and you can get Butterfly Kisses everywhere now.

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