Mike Jones At Foo Fighters' Super Saturday Night

What a night, what a show, what a party! Last night, Foo Fighters rocked Atlanta with their Super Saturday Night show. Dave Grohl and the boys brought their rock and roll excellence to thousands of fans at the Atlantic Station venue constructed by DirecTV. They put up an awesome venue for just the one show. It's too bad that it isn't a permanent place because it was a solid spot for a show.

I wanted to share some of my experience at Super Saturday Night with you, a look at the Foo Fighters exhibition in the front, videos / shots from the concert and getting to sit on Dave Grohl's Throne (which is my new favorite picture ever)! With the big Foo Fighters' hits, the special guests including Perry Farrell, Zac Brown, Roger Taylor and Tom Morello and the energy in the building, it was a show that we'll never forget.

Nobody does it like the Foos! And, if you didn't get to watch the show, DirecTV has shared the full concert. I don't know how long this will be available for so watch it while you can!

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