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Foo Fighters Played A Surprise Set At Cal Jam Pop-Up

Yesterday in Los Angeles, there was a special Cal Jam pop-up show. The featured entertainment was Taylor Hawkins' cover band Chevy Metal and The Holy Sh*ts. You had to figure that if it was a Cal Jam show and Taylor Hawkins was there, Dave Grohl wouldn't be far behind. He wasn't, and neither were the rest of the Foo Fighters!

They came out and jammed a set with a bunch of rarities! Here's the setlist and a video of the entire show, thanks to @TourBusLive.

“White Limo”



“Gimme Stitches”

“Weenie Beenie”


“Hey Johnny Park!”

“Alone + Easy Target”

“New Way Home”

“Everlong” (Encore)

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