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Mike Jones Chats With WWE's Finn Balor

Sunday is one of the biggest nights of the year for WWE with Money In The Bank, live on the WWE Network! Finn Balor called to talk about his preparations for the men's ladder match, not trusting anybody in the match, why WWE Superstars suck up the pain every night, Royal Rumble vs. MITB, if NXT could one day get a MITB match, how WWE has been behind the message of Balor Club for Everyone!

Here's our conversation.

Good luck on Sunday at Money In The Bank, Finn! He deserves a chance to regain the Universal Championship that he never lost or got a rematch for. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation.

Everything Hurts but the WWE Universe Makes it All Worth It:

We get hurt every day, you know everything hurts, every single match, every time we go out there, you know, we’re in pain, we’re in agony, but once we heard the roar of the WWE Universe, all that goes away and we’re just driven by the adrenaline and the will of the people that cheer us on. Hopefully in Chicago I’ll have the crowd behind me, and fingers crossed I can get up that ladder and grab the briefcase.

Eyes in the Back of His Head for MITB:

I’m gonna have to have eye sin the back of my head because you can’t trust Kevin Owens, you can’t trust Miz, Samoa Joe is just gonna come straight for ya. There’s a lot of tricky fellas in that match and anything could rally happen.

Preparing for the Ladder Match:

I’ve been cleaning the gutters at my house, painting the roof, trying to get as much experience on a ladder as I can. (laughs). You know, there is no way of training…practicing for this. This is all potluck in my opinion. It’s seven other guys in the ring to bring ladders. I’m sure someone will introduce a table and a chair. There’s no rules at all. We’ll see what’s gonna happen.

Winning Royal Rumble vs MITB:

The Royal Rumble has such an aura to it, and you know bragging rights winning the Rumble are huge. But the implications of the MITB contract, the fact that you can cash it in at any point, and surprise the champion, really turns the tide in the favor of the person that has that briefcase.

Could NXT have MITB:

NXT is something that is very close to my heart, I’ve spent my fondest years there, and something I keep an eye on still. Since I’ve left there, Velveteen Dream is doing amazing. Adam Cole is one to watch as well. He is doing some amazing stuff down there.

WWE Spreading The Message of Balor Club for Everyone:

WWE, we have this incredible platform to reach out to so many people and I think we should be using that for good. That’s something to preach positivity, to preach inclusiveness, to preach acceptance. If I can make a small impact, then that’s my obligation to do that.

And here's the article from Sports Illustrated that discussed the how Balor Club For Everyone came to be.

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