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Tacos...Made With Human Leg Meat?!

How open minded are you about what you eat? I ask the question because of HUMAN MEAT TACOS! 

Vice is reporting that Reddit user IncrediblyShinyShart got into a serious motorcycle accident and had his leg amputated. After talking with the doctors and signing the necessary paperwork, he was able to keep the amputated section of his leg and foot. Then it happened.

He gathered 10 of his friends together for a brunch of pastries and cakes and, the main course, fajita tacos made with meat from his amputated leg. IncrediblyShinyShart said, "I taste like buffalo, but chewier. Super beefy and little fat."

This is INSANE! Trying new kinds of food is one thing. Trying your friend's leg?! NO! 

Here's the story from ViceI will warn you now that if you click through the links in the story, there are extremely graphic photos of the accident and where his leg and foot were separated.  

Good. God.

I don't care how close we are, I'm not eating tacos made from any part of any of my friends. Nnnnnnnnnope!

(Getty Images)

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