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U2 Remembers Stephen Hawking

It's a sad day for the world as we have lost the great Professor Stephen Hawking. Whether it was science or life, his mind was like no other and he was dedicated to sharing his wisdom and knowledge with us. 

U2 had a relationship with Professor Hawking for many years and they paid tribute to him with this video from their Innocence & Experience Tour. 

And here's the full version that fans saw in concert of "Stephen Hawking Global Citizen".

"When we see the Earth from space we see ourselves as a whole. We see the unity, but not the divisions. One planet, one human race. We are here together and we need to live together with tolerance and respect.

Our only boundaries are the ways we see each other. We must become global citizens. Our voices are important. We give our elected officials their power, but we can take it away.

We travel all the time, traveling together in the future. But let us make that future a place we want to visit.

Be good. Be determined. Overcome the odds. It can be done."

Rest in peace, Professor Hawking. 

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