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Mike Jones' ALTer EGO LA Adventures, Part 2

What a show ALTer EGO was! It ran silky smooth and was a lot of fun to be at live. I wanted to share more from the show and my adventures in LA over the last couple days. 

Many beverages were had at Chez Jay. It's a dump and we loved it!

Really glad I got to interview AJR! They are such cool dudes and I was excited to spend a few minutes with them. Don't forget to watch them on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night.

I did not expect to meet Chris Harrison! That was cool because he told me about hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? My dream job is to be a game show host. Maybe one day!

ALTer EGO was my first time seeing Beck live and he did not disappoint!

ALTer EGO was such a great time! Thanks to everyone for coming and listening and watching and being a part of it. 

And if you're ever flying American Airlines out of LAX, this food truck is in the terminal. One side of fries is enough for an entire family, FYI. I wish they would have told me that.

Also this.

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