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LISTEN: New Stone Temple Pilots - "Meadow"

Stone Temple Pilots is moving forward and last night, they introduced their new singer Jeff Gutt to the world. This is coming off of an extended search where STP asked for everyone to submit their best material and prove that they should be the next singer. But Gutt didn't even send anything in.

It was actually a friend approaching Robert DeLeo after a Hollywood Vampires gig, telling him there was someone he should check out. Rolling Stone gives us the full story about STP and Jeff Gutt, you can read the rundown on everything here.

During the show last night at The Troubadour, STP unveiled "Meadow", the first new song with Gutt.

I'm liking it! Sounds to me like it came from the time between 'Purple' and 'Tiny Music from The Vatican Gift Shop.' Hit me up on Twitter @mikejonesradio and tell me what you think. 

Here's the full setlist from the show last night:


Wicked Garden



Interstate Love Song


Big Empty

Still Remains


Kick Out The Jams

Sex Type Thing

Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

Piece of Pie

If you didn't hear it, by the way, I had a great chat with Dean DeLeo and Erik Kretz a few weeks ago, talking about the 25th anniversary edition of Core. 

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