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Mike Jones Talks With Tim Commerford of Prophets Of Rage

Prophets Of Rage has their first album coming out this Friday and the guys are more than ready to unleash their sonic firepower on the world! 

Tim Commerford called and we had a bunch of stuff to chat about: how easy it is to make music with Prophets Of Rage, being comfortable with everyone, playing for people who don't necessarily agree with their messages, unnecessary video censorship and people fearing the word Rage. 

Here's our conversation.

Mike Jones and Tim Commerford of Prophets of Rage

If you missed out on the performance of "Living On The 110" on The Tonight Show, here you go. 

And this is the video for "Radical Eyes" that was originally taken down because of the "violent images".

The new Prophets of Rage album is coming out this Friday and the tour will be announced soon. 

Thanks for calling Tim!

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