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When Lionel Richie Sent Dave Grohl A Muffin Basket

Only Dave Grohl has a story about Lionel Richie and muffin baskets.

Back in 2015 after Dave broke his leg, he had to cancel a bunch of Foo Fighters shows, including their Glastonbury Festival headlining set. He told the story to The Guardian about how he received quite a "Get Well Soon" gift from an anonymous source. 

"Well, just after my leg surgery, I was staying at the Grosvenor hotel in London and one afternoon my wife comes in and says: “You got the biggest muffin basket I’ve seen in my entire life!” And there’s this assortment of muffins two meters high. There must have been 6,000 fucking muffins. The card said: “Sorry to hear about the leg, missing you at Glastonbury, get well soon, PTO.” I thought: “Who the fuck is PTO? Is that a booking agent?” I got a text an hour later saying: “Lionel Richie wants to know if you got the muffin basket.” He was playing in the legends slot that year. I love Lionel Richie!"


This weekend, Dave is going to headline Glastonbury as the Foo Fighters are the main event on Saturday night. 

You can read Dave's full interview with The Guardian here.

Foo Fighters in Concert - Rio de Janeiro

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