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Mike Jones Talks To Lisa Lampanelli

You never know what Lisa Lampanelli will say but it's a guarantee that she will deliver gold! She's coming to The Lincoln Theatre on April 8th and when I talked to Lisa, we discussed:

- her relationship with President Trump and if she can get a White House invite in April

- why do John Stamos and Don Rickles hang out

- never ever ever ever heckle Lisa at her shows

- people are too sensitive about jokes at comedy shows

- parents who blame everyone else for their bad parenting

Here's our conversation:

(Photo: Getty Images)

Lisa's show will be a blast on April 8th at The Lincoln Theatre! Make sure you go for the standup and the Q&A and who the hell knows what else she has in store for us. Click here for tickets. 

I'll be giving away tickets for the show all week on DC101 as well. Listening is a good idea to win your way into Lisa's show. And follow the lady for all of her antics and greatness on Twitter @LisaLampanelli!

Lisa Lampanelli, you're the best!

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