Welcome Back College Football!!!!

The college football season is upon and I could not be more stoked for this season. As you saw in the intro, I am a huge West Virginia University fan as I graduated from said institution back in 1999. I bleed blue and gold and whenever the Mountaineers are on, the world stops. This year is a little more special as the offense should be on point with Heisman hopeful Will Grier and last year's breakout wide receiver David Sills IV. 

The other reason it is going to be special, I have a little person in my life to watch with. You might remember from the Caps Stanley Cup run, that my son then was three months. Well, he is now six months and though screen time is still not allowed, he will be decked out in his gear while we hang on Saturdays this fall. 

Happy Return of College Football to you!!! Let me know who you root for!

Had a bit of a costume change but that is still me repping not only for WVU but for the great state of West Virginia, my home for almost six years...and before you say anything, I did graduate in four years. I just hung out after to school to work on campus.