Khan's Day At Kerfuffle '18 (I MET RISE AGAINST!!)

Kerfuffle 2018 was a fabulous time and I think of any of the DJs on the air staff, I might have had the best day of all at Merriweather Post on July 22nd. . Mike Jones and his suit or even Klinger might fully disagree but I spent the from the time the doors opened through the late afternoon hanging with the crew in the lawn and talking to anyone who literally made eye contact. I did this all while carrying the gigantic lightning bolt flag and waving it like a crazy person. 

Made new friends, gave out some love via #highfivekhanatkerfuffle and enjoyed a great day of music. Robert Delong was stellar but the true highlight of the day for me was my seventh Rise Against show. They do not disappoint at all. What made the day a little bit cooler was that I jumped in (read snuck in) on the meet and greet and got a picture (below) with them. 

Thank you all for making Kerfuffle 2018 that awesome time that it was. Already looking forward to the next hang but for now, let's relish in the awesome that was had by all. If you have a favourite moment of the day, share it with me via

Your boy (I'm the one in the blue Kerfuffle t-shirt) with the boys in Rise Against!

DC101 listener and Kerfuffle attendee Morgan paid attention to my #khancerttips and double knotted her shoes. Neither of our laces got drenched or soaked at all!

So...I never got a picture of me waving the flag like a crazy person but here is DC101 listener and Kerfuffle attendee Sara who was showing off her flag twirling experiences from Martinsburg High! Go Bulldogs!!!