Hard Basketball Screen Leads to Police Called in Sterling

You may not know this about your boy Khan but I am an avid basketball player. I have a decent jump shot, I play some defense and I am guilty for using hand signals in pick up games. I have in my time on the court over the years set some screens and picks and though some are not that physical, I might have thrown an elbow or even a shoulder to make my presence known.

But according to the tweets (pasted below) embedded within this Deadspin article, someone in Sterling, VA took umbrage to the fact that they were fouled a little harder than they might have liked and called the authorities. I wasn't there and only basing the details on what happened from the article, this is an abomination to pick up basketball.

I am going to editorialize here with a  "Come On Man!!!" The authorities!?!?! Call a foul, respect the call and play on. 

I have been in the world renowned "Fat Guy" run in Alexandria for about eight years and when we take a sweaty screen from Randall, we get back up. 

Below the tweet is a picture of me and my shooting form. Notice the number on that sweet jersey! 

Read for yourself here: https://deadspin.com/virginia-man-calls-cops-after-hard-screen-in-pickup-b-1827659622