Caps Father's Day Video: Tear Inducing and Awesome

I am a huge Washington Capitals fan. I have been for years and this past season at times was tumultuous but the outcome in June was nothing short of glorious! The Stanley Cup victory not only galvanized the existing fan base but brought a lot more fans onto the scene and that is awesome. There is so much red being rocked that DC is making their presence known in the hockey community as a a true "Hockey Town."

I was a season ticket holder for nine years and traveled to other cities to see them and build lifelong friendships with fellow fans. The biggest aspect of hockey for me though was family. One of my first dates with my now wife was at a Caps-Ducks game (she almost got frostbite) and my siblings and I have been going to games since 1998. 

But the greatest family moment I had was when the Capitals were being presented with the Stanley Cup, I was holding my three month old son in my arms and tears of joy were streaming down my face. I was able to share this moment with him and there was nothing more beautiful than that. 

I personally will never win a sports championship outside of my PlayStation 3 but this video embodies the true joy of a player celebrating with their biggest fans who love them unconditionally. 

I cried. You will cry too. The video can be seen below:

Below is a picture of him watching the parade...he didn't last too long but he was at least festive with his blankie!