My BIL Got Married and Conan O'Brien Walked By...

May 2017 was an awesome month for your boy Khan. But this post is not about me introducing my favourite band Jimmy Eat World at the 2017 DC101 Keruffle

No it is not!

It was awesome because I got to share some quality time with my wife's family in California as her younger brother got married to an awesome young lady in California. This particular day, May 20th, my wife and I were hanging out with the newlyweds as they were getting their pictures taken on the beautiful campus of Stanford University. I was helping my brother-in-law and out of the corner of my eye, I totally see Conan O'Brien walking by. My first thought, what was he doing on campus at Stanford? No clue. Then I totally went chasing after him (fine...a total of maybe 10 steps) and asked if he would take a picture with the newly married couple.

He and his wife could not have been more gracious with their time. I got to speak with Mrs. O'Brien for a few moments and she herself wanted to snap a picture as well. Yeah...that picture ended up on the official Team Coco Instagram (below). 


I was so in awe of the whole thing happening that I did not think about getting a picture myself. That is where my awesome wife comes in. I knew he was tall but sheesh. And the hair!!! 

I know there have been other celebrities who have happened upon a couple while taking their wedding photos (i.e. Tom Hanks in Central Park) but this truly was out of the blue and awesome. Thank you again to Conan O'Brien and his wife for being so gracious with their time and making a truly memorable moment for my brother in law and his new wife even more memorable. 



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