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The Worst Cities for Burnout in the U.S.

Burnout is a real thing that workers in the U.S. have to deal with.

According to new data from, some U.S. cities are worse for burnout than others. 

The site surveyed one thousand Americans on burnout and also relied on Google for terms searched on the subject.

According to the data found, here are the top ten worst U.S. cities for burnout:

  • 1) Orlando
  • 2) Minneapolis
  • 3) Cleveland
  • 4) Miami
  • 5) Tampa
  • 6) Atlanta
  • 7) Sacramento
  • 8) Nashville
  • 9) Baltimore
  • 10) Seattle

You can check out the top 30 cities as well as the top causes of burnout per state over at

What are your main causes of feeling burned out? How do you cope with burnout?

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