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Half-naked woman plummets from balcony while having sex into a car

Nobody thinks anything like this could happen while being intimate with their partner.

It happened in Taipei, Taiwan and woman happened to slip off the edge of the balcony of an apartment and then plummeted onto a car parked below.

According to the Sun:

Her embarrassing fall, captured on CCTV, shows the awkward moment the woman falls flat on her bottom onto a black sedan parked in front of an apartment building.

The impact was so great the poor woman left a massive hole in the car's roof and made the metalwork buckle.

She fell with just a shift and knickers on while her shorts were left dangling from one leg.

Moments after the collision, the woman rolls around in agony and begins rubbing her back in what appears to be severe pain.

Her fall was first reported in September last year.

The couple also had to pay damages for the car, which belongs to a neighbor who lived in the block of flats.

Luckily she is ok. Check out the video below!

More HERE and listen live HERE!

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