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The Office Experience opens in Washington, DC this weekend!

The world of The Office will come to life with iconic set recreations, original show costumes and props, and opportunities for fans to engage with the show in new ways.

In this one of a kind exhibit/interactive tour, fans of the super popular NBC show The Office can get first hand experience of what it was like to work at Dunder Mifflin Paper company.

Presented by the same people that gave us The Friends Experience in NYC and here in DC, take a journey to Scranton, PA and learn about everything there is about the small town and the documentary that cultivated the country (wink wink).

Explore 17 areas inspired by your favorite TV show. Visit Scranton Business Park, sit at Michael’s desk, recreate Beach Day, and shop custom merch in The Office Experience retail store.

Relive Jim and Pam’s iconic romance, do your own Coal Walk, spill Kevin’s famous chili, visit Michael Scott Paper Company, and more.

Check out some of the pics I snapped when I went this week. If you are an Office superfan or a newbie to the hit show, this is perfect for you!

The Office experience is located at 1020 G Street NW and is accessible via Metro. You can buy your tickets HERE. It runs July 28 through January 16.

More HERE and listen live HERE!

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