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Stanley Cup delivered to wrong house

The greatest trophy in sports was finally won by the Colorado Avalanche after a 21 year drought by knocking off the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The next thing to do? Celebrate with the cup!

Unfortunately, it wasn't delivered to he right place.

According to FOX 31:

A Denver couple got the surprise of a lifetime when the Stanley Cup was mistakenly delivered to their doorstep. 

FOX31 obtained a post on Nextdoor from Kit Karbler who said the Stanley Cup was accidentally delivered to his house in the Hilltop neighborhood, meant for Colorado Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog.

Karbler said the Stanley Cup keeper knocked on the door and figured out that they were at the wrong address but let him see it, touch it and take pictures of the NHL’s most prized award in his driveway.

“I couldn’t believe it! All my thoughts were wide open because how could that be? Because I knew that we had Avalanche players that lived in the neighborhood but I didn’t know how close and specific and to get the wrong address would be easy for them,” Karbler said.

That's insane!

More HERE and listen live HERE!

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