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DC Nightclub has Rapper Goonew's Corpse Propped Up, 'Standing' At Funeral

This is not something I have ever seen before nor do I want to see again.

But, people grieve the way they want and if this is how they wanna do it, then more power to them.

However, this is TECHNICALLY a health code violation.

According to Daily Mail:

Markelle Morrow, 24, who performed as Goonew, was on March 18 

Rapper's funeral took place on Sunday at Bliss nightclub in DC, where what appeared to be his embalmed body was propped up on stage 

Videos and photos taken during the event have gone viral, sparking outrage among some fans 

Bliss' management sought to distance itself from the controversy, stating that the club 'was never made aware of what would transpire' 

This is an ongoing story.

More HERE and below!

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