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Woman Tried to Convince DMV to Let Her Keep 'Fart' License Plate

OK, first of all, FARTS EQUAL FUNNY. Periodt.

Second, why would a DMV not allow someone to have it as their license plate? If i saw it I would definitely think it was hysterical and then secretly give that person props in my head for getting away with it.

Well, a woman in North Carolina named Karly Sindy ALMOST got away with it until someone complained, of course.

According to People Magazine:

While Sindy said she installed the plate on her truck and thought she had gotten away with a clever idea, she soon received a letter from the DMV informing her that someone had complained. The DMV would allow Sindy to explain what the plate meant to her before deciding if they would revoke it.

"After I received the letter I went on Reddit in r/Asheville asking for help in response to the letter," she said, according to WNYW. "Someone suggested 'Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails' and to build a website."

"I loved the idea because I love hiking, biking, and spending time outdoors," she added.

The plan didn't work and she ended up not being able to keep it on her truck. However, the DMV let her keep the license plate as a memento.

She did guest on Jimmy Kimmel with her story (video below).

More HERE and below!

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