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Teacher investigated for wearing ‘inappropriate’ Spider-Man costume

If you're gonna be Spider-Man, at least show some Spider-Man type stuff on the costume you are wearing.

If you are a teacher, you better make sure you aren't wearing a skin tight costume that shows off your, uh, figure.

One particular teacher is in a web of trouble thanks to what he wore in front of students.

According to The Sun:

Martyn Tunstall stunned youngsters who later complained after the teacher allegedly jokingly ran after them and declared he was Spiderman in the figure-hugging outfit.

But it’s claimed Tunstall has now been hit with a two-day suspension from Broxburn Academy, West Lothian, because of the unfortunate wardrobe choice.

It’s understood the English teacher claimed the bright red suit was a surprise for World Book Day.

Tunstall wore the suit during a lunch time event last Thursday and surprised kids as he pretended to be the famous Marvel web-slinger.

But the youngsters were not impressed and said they were left feeling scared and uneasy.

Criminally he did nothing wrong, but it's still weird.

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